Welcome to our 2014 Scholarship Application Process! Please read this page carefully. Our downloadable Application Forms are at the bottom of the page.

CHTAEF currently provides the following types of awards to worthy Caribbean nationals who demonstrate a strong commitment to the industry and the potential for future success:

  • ‪Academic‬
  • ‪Professional Development
  • ‪Tourism & Hospitality Teacher
  • ‪‪Work Experience placements

Value of Scholarships
Academic, Professional Development and Teacher scholarships are for tuition costs only.

Successful Work Experience applicants will receive a stipulated airfare / visa / travel expense / stipend contribution - shown on the relevant application form. This is NOT available to academic, professional development and teacher applicants.

CHTAEF Scholarships range from $500 to $5,000 with the addition of the Virgin Holidays Scholarship at a value of $10,000. The other Corporate Scholarships range from $500 to $7,000. Please remember to show how you will fund your entire tuition costs on your application form.

How You Can Prepare Yourself for Degree and Professional Development Applications
CHTAEF is a scholarship organization – we do not facilitate any courses. We review Scholarship applications only from Caribbean nationals to study hospitality & tourism related courses taught by reputable educational institutions worldwide.

CHTAEF has a list of Affiliated Institutions – we encourage you to review this list and review their course offerings through their websites. Naturally, we prefer to support these institutions.

CHTAEF will consider supporting non-affiliated institutions that are reputable and the applicant can give detailed course specifics and a website link in their application.

It is the applicant's responsibility to source the necessary information about the course(s) they wish to study and the institution where they wish to study. Check with our mentors on our PROGRAMS page for more assistance.

We encourage applicants to seek courses that require dynamic interactive 'live' teaching styles or a combination of live classroom and internet coursework. We will consider online courses but prefer courses where actual engagement with tutors and other students is possible.

CHTAEF supports tuition fees only (up to a maximum of $5,000 excepting certain named awards). We support courses with start dates from June 1 of year of application through January 31 year after application i.e. June 2016 through January 2017. We do NOT pay past tuition arrears/loans.

You will need support from other sources for tuition fees, travel, accommodation, educational expenses such as text books. Past scholars have sought support from Scholarship Programs from the Caribbean Tourism Organization, Regional Banks & Insurance Companies, National Hotel Associations; from National Education Boards & Governmental Assistance; National Corporations; and from employers through loan schemes (particularly in the case of Professional Development short courses).

It is the applicant's responsibility to source required funding streams to support their application and to show these sources on our application form. Please use your ingenuity, the internet & your local hotel association to assist you in researching other funding opportunities.

Upon consideration of the application (which must be made using our application form that is uploaded in December and must be submitted electronically between January 5 & March 30) we advise each applicant by email on May 25, not before, of their success & amount of their award or giving our regrets that we are unable to support their application.

Please note the CHTAEF Selection Committee reviews EVERY application and we make our decisions based on the merit of the application against the strength of other applications in any given year. EVERY successful scholar must RE-APPLY annually for continued support consideration excepting the Virgin Holidays Scholars.

Conditions of receiving a CHTAEF scholarship include maintaining contact with CHTAEF, giving regular updates & photos on your progress, keeping your contact details current, passing on your knowledge through community outreach and, in the case of degree studies, maintaining a higher than 3.00 gpa.

Every CHTAEF Scholar must return to the Caribbean region & work in Hospitality or Tourism related field for a minimum of 2-years following their degree study (6-months following Professional Development study).

If you are unable or unwilling to comply with these criteria, please do not apply to CHTAEF for scholarship consideration.

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Please be sure to download the relevant form AND the Info-Sheet!

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