Ursuline Christina Andrew — 2006
During the summer of 2006 I studied at Cornell University School of Administration a Professional Development program covering Rooms Management and Tactics for Profitability. The Lecturers were Mark Talbert and Professor Robert Chase.

We covered topics such as:
About Your Hotel, About Your Guest, Rate Thresholds, Rate Vs Occupancy, How we measure things, Room Contribution Statement, Displacements, Forecasting, Timing, Rate Sensitivity and Risk and Hitting the Target.

Thanks again to the Caribbean Hotel Foundation, The Antigua Hotels and Tourism Association and The Jumby Bay Resort for another opportunity to extend my knowledge of the hotel industry.

Without you I would not gave been able to do it. The knowledge which I have received during the session spent at Cornell will be put into practice. I have started to encourage my colleagues to apply to to the Caribbean Hotel Foundation so that they too can better develop themselves and to be able to serve our nation with top notch service.

You have made many managers and supervisors and help staff perform at a higher level of service all because of the opportunity you have given them through this scholarship grant.

Thanks again to all of you and to all who make it possible. I will continue to take advantage of the opportunity with the hope that one day I will be able to contribute back to the development of this program that others may also receive the opportunity which I have received.

The importance of knowing your hotel, knowing the type of guest you will be receiving in your hotel and knowing how to cater to the need of each guest will determine total guest satisfaction. Perhaps even more significant is to know within what range of rate is reasonable to operate at.  Learning the methods of arriving at an appropriate target by knowing the rate preference of guest or how readily guests are willing to pay is very important. The Lecturer and Professor were very knowledgeable of the topic and very clear on the information they imparted to us, the student. They made the topic as simple as possible and I must say the entire class was having fun while learning.

Keep on doing the great work, you are great. Your works are marvelous. Mighty men and women have reached higher heights because of you. Success in life ought to be determined not by the accumulations, but by the contributions.

Kind Regards,
Ursuline Christina Andrew
Jumby bay Resort

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