Jason Peru - 2004/2005
Attending Johnson & Wales University to pursue my Bachelor's Degree in Culinary Arts has been an experience that I cherish everyday. When I began my first semester in September of 2004, things were a little up in the air for me as I still had to settle down and get my living arrangements in order, but now I am pleased to say that my education and domicile have all been sorted out and I see myself reaching closer and closer to achieving my goals everyday.

When I first started my September semester in 2004, I entered the school as a freshman and then quickly moved on to become a sophomore student. I later graduated into the College of Culinary Arts and here I am, experiencing Johnson and Wales for what it is - A Prestigious and Authentic University that dedicates themselves to your vocation. So far I have been able to adapt to the college life and the standard of work that it demands, and I have been rewarded for my consistent academic grades and placed on the Dean’s honors list for maintaining a G.P.A over 3.7.

This is a huge honor for me as it fuels my potential to maintain outstanding grades and always do the best that I can. The University has a lot to offer as the environment is packed with high standards and facilities that amazed me when I first saw them, such as a full blown cafeteria that is ran and operated by the students, a vast library area that provides you with literature of all type and so many other groups and institutions that help make your stay at Johnson & Wales truly a University you would invest your future in.

The University's population is basically made up of a lot of International students that help contribute a constant line of interest that stimulates your conversation on a daily basis, we all converse about each other's traditions and cultures and this principle is such an important factor for me as it also helps me to learn about people from around the world and how they live compared to me. The weather is mostly the same to Trinidad but with less rainfall. During my December semester last year, it was the first time I experienced frigid weather of that sort. It was a little uncomfortable as I am not accustomed to this climate but luckily I traveled back home for Christmas and enjoyed my two-week holiday so much. I returned recently and had to make that transaction from holidays to back to work, but that was ok.

So here I am now, a Junior C4 Student in the Bachelors Degree program making the best out of my Scholarship. This opportunity was a divine chance for me to further my focus and my career in Culinary Arts and become what I intend to be a few years from now.

I Thank CHA, for this chance and dearly extend my blessing and hopes to everyone at The Caribbean Hotel Foundation toward the New Year.

Jason Peru

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