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The Caribbean Hotel & Tourism Education Foundation is marking its 20th anniversary by establishing a mentoring program, sponsored by Virgin Holidays. The purpose of this program is to facilitate a system through which past and current beneficiaries of CHTAEF provide support, encouragement, and advice to people considering applying to the CHTAEF to pursue a career in hospitality or employees wishing to take courses for their professional development.

Based on their knowledge and experience, CHTAEF mentors can help others to make more informed decisions about education and career prospects.

CHTAEF is building a diverse pool of mentors to cover the range of hospitality-related areas. They volunteer their time to listen and guide candidates in identifying opportunities and making choices. You may contact any of them by email.

Eric Cooper M.Sc., CHE – Fleet Caterer, Trinidad & Tobago Coastguard
Languages: English
Times available: evenings between 5 pm - 10 pm and on weekends
Comments: Can provide information on employment opportunities in the Trinidad and Tobago Coast Guard Catering Department and also Studying at the University of The Southern Caribbean.

Tamara Richard
Times available: Monday - Friday 4:30 - 6:30
Saturday - Sunday 8:00 - 11:00am

Jala Bernard
Languages: English
Times available: evenings between 8 pm - 10 pm and on weekends
Comments: Can provide information on Johnson & Wales University and advice on study choices.

Karen Henry, Antigua
Languages: English
Availability: I am on line from 7:00am-until 3:00pm and will be able to respond to a query within an hour's time.

Kelly-Ann Mayers, Barbados
Currently enrolled in: Human Resource Management, BIMAP, Barbados
Availability: Evenings
Languages: English

Ruth Martínez Calderón, Dominican Republic
Currently enrolled in: Master GOE, UAB, Barcelona, Spain
Availability: Weekends
Languages: English / Spanish

Helen Merlyne Bhola, Grenada
Currently enrolled in: 2nd year, M.A. in Hospitality Management, Florida International University Graduate School, Florida
Availability: Monday thru Friday/ lunch and evenings
Languages: English

Abbie-Gayle Johnson, Jamaica
Currently enrolled in: B.Sc. in Hospitality and Tourism Management (major:Tourism, minor: Marketing) at the University of Technology, Jamaica
Availability: Evenings - after 6 p.m.
Languages: English (first language), Spanish (learnt)

Errington Fyfield, St. Kitts
Availability: Evenings
Languages: English

Yvonne Agard, St. Lucia
Currently enrolled in: MBA Project Management, Henley College, UK
Availability: Weekends
Languages: English / French

Victoria Elliodore, St. Lucia
Availability: After work
Languages: English / French / Spanish

Andrea George, Trinidad
Currently enrolled in: 2nd year, Hospitality Management, Trinidad and Tobago Hospitality Training Institute, Trinidad
Availability: Weekends
Languages: English

Derlon Felix, Trinidad & Tobago
Degree/University: International Hotel & Tourism Management, Johnson & Wales University, Charlotte Campus, 2009
Availability: Since I am employed by a cruise line, I may have very limited access to email/internet, however I will respond to all emails when I get the opportunity
Languages: English
Comments: I can definitely advise anyone about finding avenues for funding their education. Also, I can advise on how to write scholarship letters and organizations they can apply to get funding.

Genavie Pierre, St. Lucia
Currently enrolled in: BSC Hospitality & Tourism Management, University West Indies
Availability: Monday thru Friday/evenings/weekends
Languages: English
Comments: I have recently completed the first year BV part time/long distance study with UWI Cave Hill through the St Lucian UWI campus. I look forward to 2008 to undergo fulltime study.

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